New Year Reset Series with Kelly Thomas - Soundtrack for 2019!
Thu January 3, 2019 6:00 pm
The Southgate House Revival - The Lounge
Ages 21 and Up

Each session is separate, unless you purchase the provided bundle which allows you all three for a discounted price. Cocktails included with each session.

New Year Reset Series with Kelly Thomas

New Year Reset Series with Kelly Thomas


Kelly Thomas is a musician, educator and change agent in the greater Cincinnati community.  This is a three session series she has created to give folks a place to connect, reflect and reset for the coming year.  Proceeds from the sessions will go to Kelly’s “mad money” fund to use in her work at Oyler High School.  There are constantly things that kids need, items that would enhance the learning in her classroom or meals/snacks that really add up.  This will give Kelly some discretionary funds to use for these things. 


Each session is separate, unless you purchase the provided bundle which allows you all three for a discounted price.. Cocktails included with each session. 


December 27—What is your vision for 2019? 

We will create vision/dream boards while Drunken Vinyl spins records to keep us inspired!  This session includes canvas and art supplies to create board.  If you have any special pictures or totems you want to add to your board bring those! We’ll have fortune cookies and a toast to the new year with the featured cocktail - Blushing Mimos which contains champange w/orange and pineapple juice and topped with grenadine made by Christy.


January 3-Soundtrack for 2019!

For this session, we will each choose a theme song for 2019!  When the novelty of the shiny New Year wears off, put on the playlist for 2019! Choose a song that inspires you or speaks to where you are in this moment or where you’d like to be.  One year, I chose “All You Need is Love” for my song.  That year, I vowed that no matter how someone came at me, I was going to address them from a place of love.  Love is an incredibly powerful and transformative gift.  When I faced a challenging situation or my reserves ran low, I would put on the Beatles tune and it was kind of amazing what a difference recalibrating my mind was!  I am asking that you all email me the name and artist of your song (if you have a youtube link that would be helpful) by January 2.  We will share our songs (and listen to a short clip) and why we chose them. A light snack and our featured cocktail – Good Luck Charm which contains Jim Beam, Lemoncello, sour mix and spearmint leaves made by Christy.



January 10-A Walk Through The Forest

This session is a guided imagery exercise that will provide you with insight to where you are right now. It begins with a writing session followed by interpretation and discussion.  I have done this activity with my students for years and they love it. I hope you will too.  Light snack and our featured cocktail – Rosemary Lemontini which contain vodka, lemon juice, simple syrup and rosemary made by Christy.