For {You’re} Courage Book Release with Nick Barrows
Sat March 23, 2019 9:00 pm
The Southgate House Revival - The Lounge
Ages 21 and Up
For {You’re} Courage Book Release with Nick Barrows


It’s been six long years since the Boom. Nick Barrows’ blew us away when he generously presented his work to us entitled “The Rabbit Punch Defense”. In collaboration with Mark Flanigan for the 2012 Aurore Press release, “Versus”, he shared his very personal viewpoint of the world that swirls around him every day – the viewpoint of the Boom. 

In January we are excited to be gathering on what I can only presume will be a silent dead winter’s night. Cold, I know, but be warmed as Nick and a few of his close friends also come out from under their covers to celebrate the release of the astonishing book of new Nick Barrow poems “For {You’re} Courage”.


A Cincinnati, Ohio native whose words have appeared in Forklift, Ohio: A Journal of Poetry, Cooking, & Light Industrial Safety, Trained Monkey Press, Semantikon, and several Aurore Press anthologies. He has been performing poetry for over twenty years, from Kaldi’s Coffee House to Word of Mouth at MOTR Pub. His self-published title Rockets on Bibles was released in 2007, and the co-authored Versus with Mark Flanigan was published by Aurore Press in 2012 (“a prodding of humanity and the human psyche that is sometimes dark, sometimes ethereal and sometimes humorous.” - CityBeat.) His musical escapades include Eagle To Squirrel, JetLab, Jack Burton Overdrive, and MacReady U.K. Nick views his works not as a form of instruction but more a cautionary tale.

Poet, performer, columnist, fiction writer, playwright and a screenwriter. He is also lovingly co-leads Word of Mouth - Cincinnati each month at MOTR pub. His volume of poetry, “Journeyman’s Lament”, appeared in the Aurore Press publication, “Versus”, and his free e-book, “Minute Poems”, is available online from Three Fools Press. Mark just completed curating and editing a collection of poetry by the late Aralee Strange, “The Road Itself” on Dos Madres Press.

Original poetry Bitch from Kathy Y. Wilson’s Bitch’s Brew, poet, dancer, not the woman she used to be.



Rock sleazy western garage blues to near cataclysm, Breaking Glass features Izzi Krombholz on drums (Vanity Creeps, Birdie Hearse, Black Planet, The Binders and Sid & Nancy), Makenzie Place on bass (The Sundresses), and R. Hennessey on guitar and vocals (The Virginia Creepers, The Jellyhearts, and Glass Winged Sharpshooters). This group tears off licks & hooks with a level of soul that will destroy you and build you up anew.